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Dr. med. Berit Deiters, DEGUM II, Consultant, Gynecologist and Obstetrician (Germany)

"FetView helps me with my job and makes it much more effective. I can freely structure the layout according to my wishes which wasn`t possible in my previous systems. I especially appreciate the opportunity to easily present the findings. The feedback of my patients is fantastic!"

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Scharf (Germany)

"For everyone who is used to rigid documentation masks: The incredible thing is, if it’s technically possible, these changes are immediately implemented and made available by the support team during ongoing operations. No waiting in the waiting loop and humble requests - direct partnership-based interaction at eye level: a short phone call or an email - done immediately! The medical customer is king!"

Juxhin Gjoshe (Albania)

"I am partner of FetView since several years now. I am very intuitive towards applications and softwares and i know directly when something is not working, but it is not the case with FetView. I can confirm that during these 4 years of using it there has never been any problem with it. It has the possibility to personalize all the fields. They are very opened towards improvement and suggestions. An amazing team, especially Meri."

Dr. Candice Fanti (Brazil)

"Hello. I am Dr. Candice from Brazil and I have been using the Fetview system since May 2016. It helps me a lot in the accomplishment of the reports. as I do improvement in Fetal Medicine, I always have to modify something from my report. Every time I needed it, I was answered, regarding the modifications and corrections. in relation to the support service, I have nothing to complain about. always attentive. Thanks"

Romil Tao Moreira Jr., MD, OB/GYN specialist, specialist in women's image, Fetal Medicine specialist (Brazil)

"FetView is a powerful tool for Ob/Gyn, Fetal Medicine specialist and all other specialists in women's image that provides all informations about the fetal status. It's also important on the gynecological and breast exam evaluation. You can format the parameters as you wish, adapting the report and the study fitting it to your daily use. I really recommend the app for all specialists in this areas."

Dr. Boris Stoilov (Bulgaria)

"FetView is the most easy to us software in the field of Obstetrics but with the same time advanced and has implemented the most important calculations of FMF. I really like it because of that and due to the fact that I can us it on every device, all over the world with internet. It makes my life easy by the calendar implemented in my web so the patients can book there appointment and I can transfer them to my worklist in my US machine. The team is promptly responsive and updating the software by the necessity of the customer."

Dr. Dalene Barnard (South Africa)

"Fetview is an excellent program. It offers record keeping, health care and affordability in a professional and reliable platform. After sale support is brilliant!"

Dr. Carmela Votino (Italy)

"An extraordinary reporting program, you have everything you need for your practice just a click away. Offers all the FMF calculations, it allows you to have several tools in on place. Messaging and calendar system enrich and facilitate your work and contact with patients."

Dr. Nelson Ortega (Panama)

"FetView has changed the way I manage my clinic. Before using it, I did not know the number of patients that I had, as well as not having a control of their gestational age. I have used it especially to organize my everyday work, keep track of my patients and make reports with a lot of quality that is much higher than that of my competition. And it is the quality of the reports that makes my clients and patients interested in continuing to work with me. Also, the possibility of accessing the photos later, downloading them and always having your report on hand makes me very different from my other colleagues. I have not used all the possibilities offered by FetView yet, but it has had a very positive impact on my clinic. I hope FetView will continue making improvements every year to give to the patients better quality in my reports and work in general."

Dr. AW Greeff, Obstetrician (South Africa)

"I have been using Fetview for just over a year and have found the software extremely user friendly and easy to personalize. The software further seamlessly integrates with my GE S6. The reports appear professional and precise and the cost of the software is very reasonable even when paying in SA Rands. The support and Fetview interaction is excellent and problem and questions are very quickly resolved. I can recommend this program to anyone serious about ultrasound."

With FetView you easily evaluate (ultrasound) studies and document professionally your results.

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