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Easily transfer data from your ultrasound equipment

FetView retrieves all images and measurements from your ultrasound equipment over the DICOM interface and displays them in a clearly structured layout. To the examination form can be easily added additional information and data. Click or use the touchscreen to zoom in on the images to show other functions. For example, you can choose which image should be inserted into the examination report, which image should be the title image or if an image should be placed in an automatically generated presentation for the patient.

Effortless generation of growth curves and sketches

Take measurement data and produce easy-to-read growth curves with minimal effort. The software includes the results of all colleagues with whom you are working. This way everybody always have a complete overview of the child’s development. The creation of sketches is helpful e.g. to visually document the position of a finding during a mammography examination.

Customization of the examination forms

The examination reports can be customised at any time. Every doctor can, in line with their training and specialization, add extra measurements and details to their report. It’s also possible to change the sequence in which the information is displayed.

Creation of a meaningful examination report

Once you have chosen your images, growth curves and sketches and added the relevant text, you can create a report in PDF format. This report can be printed out, shared online with the patient, handed to the patient or placed in her file.

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Time-saving communication with the patient

Each physician can easily and fastly communicate with the patient via the internal messaging system. Unnecessary phone calls are stopped and the communication with the patient is much more efficient.

An online baby album as a special service

All data can be shared with the patient online. You decide which data the patient has access to via her personal account, e.g. so that she can copy or send images or start creating the baby’s first album.

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