Frequently Asked Questions

YES. (Condition: the DICOM license from the ultrasound manufacturer)

YES. FetView communicates with most practice programs automatically.

YES. There is no software installation needed. You can access your FetView account over any web browser on any operating system. 

FetView is also adapted to all devices with internet connection (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc).

The commissioning is very easy.

Together with you and your technicians, we prepare everything in advance. You will then get our installation kit shipped. It contains the FetView Gateway (Router for encrypted data transfer), which you will connect to the practice network. Subsequently, you (or your technician) setup the DICOM servers on your ultrasound device according to the description in the installation kit. That’s it.

All ultrasound pictures, videos and measurements are automatically transferred from your ultrasound machine to FetView using encrypted data transfer.

We are certified according to German norms ISO 9001:2008 (quality management), ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information data security) and according to the latest European GDPR law EU 2016/679 DSGVO. 

All data is stored in a special Cloud Storage. Server location: Frankfurt/Main, Germany, in the federal data protection center.

All personal data is stored encrypted. There is an automatic, daily system backup to a different and locally separated place.

All patient data will be automatically imported from your practice management program.


With FetView you have access to all of your data wherever you are. Worldwide, in any city or any location that you might be. From any device like your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The customer support is guaranteed 24/7 over telephone or our support ticketing service. 

Our customer support responds very fast and competently. The customer service is an inhouse dpt. with our own specialists. We do not use any external call centers!

Wherever you are in FetView, there is always a SUPPORT button. In case of any questions/problems/ideas, this is the best and fastest way to reach us. We are immediately informed about your issue and location in the application.

FetView is regularly updated appr. every 2 weeks. 

All updates are automatically running in the background of the application. In case of any big update, we inform all of our customers far in advance.

In case we introduce any new functions for our application, there is always an article in the BLOG section of our website, You will also be emailed a regular newsletter with information on the latest updates and FetView news.