Frequently Asked Questions

FetView is your easy-to-use hi-tech solution for documenting ultrasound examinations.

Thanks to faster and detailed OB/Gyn documentation, we save your time and optimize your practice workflow!

In comparison with our competitors we offer the following advantages:

1) Price

We are the cheapest on the market.

All costs are included in our monthly fee. With FetView, you have no additional costs for any other things like f.e. system update or database extension.

2) Adaptation to individual needs for every doc

FetView is individual, intuitive and flexible. 

Every gynecologist can customize FetView and its functions exactly to his/her own needs. Switching on/off of certain functions and the graphical adjustments are designed in a very easy and intuitive way! (Example: FetView - examination report)

Your practice workflow will be improved and the OB/Gyn documentation optimized.

3) Real-time access to the newest global algorithms and records

FetView has an integrated LIVE calculation of MoMs in the FMF UK First Trimester Screening. 

Thanks to this genuine function, you always work with the newest, daily updated algorithms! With our integrated LIVE calculation, the accuracy of your examinations is improved.

4) Fast & direct customer support

Our customer support react very fast and competently. The customer service is an inhouse dpt. with our own specialists. We do not use any external call centers!

Wherever you are in FetView, you will always find a SUPPORT button. This is the best and fastest way to reach us. We are immediately informed about your issue and location in the application. 

Because of this, we are able to respond fast and competently, without long emails or explanations.

5) Easy commissioning

Our application can be put into operation easily by every gynecologist themselves. 

There are no changes in the computer system of your practice or even closing your practice for a certain time needed.

Our application has been on the market since 2014. We are happy that our customer base is growing every day since then. 

Actually, we are present in more than 25 countries worldwide and happy to already accompany more than 125,000 patients.

Yes. We are offering a fully-functional free trial.

The test period usually lasts 2-3 weeks. During this time you can fully test all FetView functions and adapt it to your needs. We also accompany you while testing 24/7!

In the case you would like to start your FetView trial immediately, request your fully-functional free FetView trial HERE or write us a WhatsApp or Telegram message under +420 778 087 088.

Your test account will be deactivated. Free of charge.  

Important: Your test account will be not deleted, but put on “freeze”. It means, in case you decide to use FetView in the future, we can reactivate it with all of your settings. Free of charge.

We are operating with absolute transparent prices!  After turning your account LIVE, you pay a one-time installation fee. (LIVE account creation and setup, DICOM Gateway, Backup-Setup). After that, there is only the regular monthly fee to be paid. All system updates, database extensions, etc. are included. FetView has no hidden costs!  We will be happy to send you a detailed price list on request. Feel free to contact us.

If you decide to do so, you can hand over the personal account “myFetView” to your patients.

Right after that you can easily - one click away - share pictures, videos and/or examination reports with your patient. This means there is no longer the need to print pictures, burn CDs nor use USB sticks.

Only you decide what exactly to share with your patient! As soon as you share any content with your patient, she can print and send over email or share everything with her family and friends. Your patients will love this function!

Your patients can access their “myFetView” accounts 24/7 from any device with internet connection (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc). 

With the pictures you shared with your patient, she can create a simple, first baby album for her child directly in her “myFetView” profile. 

Thanks to “myFetView”, every patient has their own OB/Gyn documentation always available to them. This can be very useful, for example, if she needs to be examined by another gynecologist during a holiday.

Through the patient recommendations and sharing the examinations with your colleagues, you can use FetView for your marketing too. Nowadays, in the fast and progressive world full of technology, our application is the perfect tool for you!

The patient recommendations are especially valuable. Imagine … Directly after the examination, your patient shares the newest ultrasound picture of her baby with her family and friends. She is excited, her partner is excited, the family is excited. Wherever they are, they can show it proudly to the people around. Thanks to FetView, your practice is promoted everywhere! The perfect marketing tool ...