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Update: FMF 1st Trimester Screening: Kryptor and Twin Pregnancy

on 23/07/2018 by David Dostal in User News

Ahoj from Prague! I am back from my vacation and I have very good news for you! FMF UK provided us the algorithm for the Kryptor and ...

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New: External files

on 21/05/2018 by David Dostal in User News

We are really happy to announce that you can send files to your patients in a secure way, directly out of FetView! Whether you are ...

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New: Anamnesis

on 26/04/2018 by David Dostal in User News

Many of you asked us for improvements in the documentation of anamneses of your patients. This new feature is available now and we hope ...

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New: “Favorites” with new functions

on 26/04/2018 by David Dostal in User News

We have enhanced our section “Favorites” with two new functions: 1. Videos From now on, you can not only save pictures in ...

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New: New report header layout

on 20/11/2017 by Stan Hecl in User News

Dear colleagues, the customer feedback has become one of the most important part for the further development of FetView. As a modern, ...

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New: Calculation of gestational age according to different methods

on 01/10/2017 by Stan Hecl in User News

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce another FetView update, which makes your work faster & easier: Calculation of gestational ...

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New: Import Patients from the Calendar to the Worklist

on 30/08/2017 by David Dostal in User News

Since some days, there is no need anymore to put the patients one-by-one on the worklist! Now you are able to import patients to the ...

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New: Global Account

on 19/07/2017 by David Dostal in User News

FetView now allows users to have different accounts, which are associated with one e-mail address. Many of our clients have a private ...

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Update FMF 1st Trimester screening: Calculating of MoMs

on 21/06/2017 by David Dostal in General

We are pleased that we can finally offer you the possibility to calculate the MoMs directly in FetView with the most current algorithm ...

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New: Various examination reports

on 21/02/2017 by David Dostal in User News

From now on it’s possible to generate various examination reports with FetView. There is a new field “Reports” added in the upper ...

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