Stan Hecl – new account manager for the german speaking regions, the Czech and Slovak Republic

on 06/02/2017 by David Dostal in The Team

Stan was born and grew up in the west bohemian metropolis Pilsen. After his high school leaving exams and his apprenticeship period to ...

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New: User Permissions

on 20/01/2017 by Meri Duduci in User News

They have finally arrived! The user permissions. From now on it’s possible to assign individual users different user permissions. You ...

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New: Extended examination overview

on 29/11/2016 by David Dostal in User News

Today we would like to present you the new extended examination overview, which is already available in your FetView user account. From ...

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New: Signature on the examination report

on 28/11/2016 by David Dostal in User News

From now on you can use your own signature in the examination report. At the end of the doctors` settings, you find the area for ...

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FetView in the TOP10 at StartupBootcamp Berlin DigitalHealth

on 13/11/2016 by David Dostal in Events

End of August I applied for StartupBootcamp Berlin DigitalHealth. StartupBootcamp is a family of 15 industry-focused programs that ...

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Video from the FMF World Congress 2016 in Mallorca

on 26/07/2016 by David Dostal in Events

Hola! It took a while to finish the video from our visit as exhibitors at the FMF World Conference. Finally here it is. Thank you all, ...

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New: Adding external image documentation to the study

on 30/05/2016 by David Dostal in User News

A small but long-awaited feature is finally online. Adding external image documentation to the study. In the study, below the ...

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FetView at the 15th World Congress in Fetal Medicine in Mallorca

on 26/05/2016 by David Dostal in Events

Here in Central Europe it’s already warm outside, this means it’s about time for the 15th FMF World Congress, which takes ...

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New: Patient list – Gestational Age

on 07/04/2016 by David Dostal in User News

I am happy to present you today a new feature: The gestational age in the patient list: 1. In the patient list you can now see the ...

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New: Mark patients with colors

on 24/03/2016 by David Dostal in User News

FetView allows you now to assign a color to a patient. Colors can be used to visually highlight a certain group of patients, e.g. ...

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