New: Inline Text

on 22/01/2019 by David Dostal in User News

In this video below I want to show you a new feature for the report: Inline text. With inline text you can shorten your report. We hope ...

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New: Video uploader

on 21/01/2019 by David Dostal in User News

Today we want to present you a new function: the video uploader. You can now upload videos manually to your study. We hope we could ...

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New: Percentile Update

on 29/11/2018 by David Dostal in User News

This is just a short update. From now on the percentiles are written next to the percentile bar. FetView Report We hope we could make ...

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A new way of connecting the ultrasound with a secure connection

on 23/10/2018 by David Dostal in General

Data privacy and security have been always our priority! We are glad to see that the ultrasound manufacturers also share the same ...

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New: Audit for the Fetal Medicine Foundation

on 10/09/2018 by David Dostal in User News

As this feature was requested by many of our clients, we finally managed to implement it in cooperation with the FMF UK: The yearly ...

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New: Adding diagnoses according to ICD-10

on 10/09/2018 by David Dostal in User News

From now on you can add a short-term and long-term diagnoses, acccording to ICD-10, to the patient record. In the patient record you ...

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FetView at the FMF World Congress 2018 in Athens

on 25/07/2018 by David Dostal in Events

Hello everybody! This years’ FMF World Congress in beautiful city Athens in Greece was already our 5th one, where we participated ...

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Update: FMF 1st Trimester Screening: Kryptor and Twin Pregnancy

on 23/07/2018 by David Dostal in User News

Ahoj from Prague! I am back from my vacation and I have very good news for you! FMF UK provided us the algorithm for the Kryptor and ...

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Telegram and WhatsApp group

on 03/06/2018 by David Dostal in General

Hello there, recently we’ve created chat groups on Telegram and WhatsApp, which are moderated by Meri, Stan and me. Join FetView ...

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New: External files

on 21/05/2018 by David Dostal in User News

We are really happy to announce that you can send files to your patients in a secure way, directly out of FetView! Whether you are ...

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