Is our society ready for sharing health information online?

on 25/06/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

As the members of the healthcare community in London, we discovered the activities of London Connect which “aims to improve the ...

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FetView at the FMF’s 13th World Congress in Fetal Medicine in Nice

on 16/06/2014 by David Dostal

From 29/06 to 03/07/2014 FetView is exhibiting at the FMF World Congress in Fetal Medicine in Nice, France. The congress takes place at ...

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Dad-to-be life facts – Fact 9

on 13/06/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

Get ready for the ride! Knowing the directions to the hospital before the labor starts is very important.      

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Pregnancy Week 18 – Infographic

on 11/06/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

Time flies, week 18 of pregnancy is here and the baby’s momevements might be felt!

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Pregnancy Week 17 – Infographic

on 04/06/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

Time to enjoy some pregnancy cravings (in a reasonable way)!

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Dad-to-be life facts – Fact 8

on 30/05/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

Take a rest, you will need it!  

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Pregnancy Week 16 – Infographic

on 27/05/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

Our pregnancy infographics just reached week 16. Time to start singing and talking to the baby!

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Dad-to-be life facts – Fact 7

on 22/05/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

The real men change diapers! So get ready 😉

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Pregnancy Week 15 – Infographic

on 21/05/2014 by Dagmar Volfova

The number of weeks is growing – nice 15 weeks of pregnancy already!      

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