New: Patient timeline messaging & messaging templates

on 19/10/2021 by Stan Hecl

As a part of our myFetView patient section, which is used by many of you as an excellent client service, you can use our built-in ...

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Picture sharing with FetView

on 03/06/2021 by David Dostal

Sharing ultrasound pictures with patients has always been an essential part in obstetrics. The parents-to-be want to have the first ...

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Advanced report settings II

on 15/04/2021 by David Dostal

As in the previous video, Stan shows you in the following video some new advanced report settings: Turn on/off author of GA table Turn ...

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Advanced report settings

on 02/03/2021 by David Dostal

Recently we have launched an advanced report setting, where you can adjust, which patient details you want to see in the final report. ...

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Video Support

on 07/12/2020 by Stan Hecl

Hello everybody, I am happy to announce the launch of video support, which is now a part of FetView! As you already know, we give great ...

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Beta testers for FetView PurpleStork

on 30/11/2020 by David Dostal

PurpleStork is on its way and is finally preparing for the arrival. PurpleStork is the name of FetView’s new version, which will be ...

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Data security at FetView

on 19/11/2020 by David Dostal

I created a short video about the data security measures here at FetView. Thanks for watching! Team FetView wish you a lovely day.          

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FetView supports the International Society for Placenta Accreta Spectrum (IS-PAS)

on 19/10/2020 by David Dostal

For more than 2 years FetView has been supporting the International Society for Placenta Accreta Spectrum (former International Society ...

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Changes in patient record

on 16/10/2020 by David Dostal

I want to inform you in advance, that on Sunday, 18th of October, we are going to make an update to the patient record. This update is ...

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Types of reports and how to customize them

on 14/10/2020 by David Dostal

Stan took the time to make 2 short videos about our examination reports to explain how you can customize it and what kind of different ...

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