New: Patient timeline messaging & messaging templates

by Stan Hecl

As a part of our myFetView patient section, which is used by many of you as an excellent client service, you can use our built-in messaging function too.

Messaging gives you the possibility to be even closer to your patients. Lately we have implemented two significant improvements to ease your workflow even more. Here we go…

1. Messaging straight out of the patient timeline

There is a new tab “messages” in the patient timeline which you can use to compose and send messages to the respective patient

The sent message will be automatically saved to the patient timeline, so you can always keep an overview about the communication with this patient:


Messaging directly from the patients timeline saves you a lot of time as you do not need to go back to the main page of FetView anymore.

2. Text templates

While messaging from the timeline, you can now use your own text templates! It works absolutely the same as you are used to of all other text fields in FetView:

Btw., you can upload external data to FetView and share it with your patient over messaging too.

We hope you like our new improvement. It’s super easy to use and keeps everything in one place…

Team FetView wish you a lovely day.


We are always looking forward to your feedback!

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