Picture sharing with FetView

by David Dostal

Sharing ultrasound pictures with patients has always been an essential part in obstetrics. The parents-to-be want to have the first picture with their unborn.

Ultrasound pictures used to be shared as a print out on thermal paper. Today modern parents have different requirements than 10 years ago. They want to get it in digital form in order to see it on their mobile phones or to share it with their family and on social media. To that, DVD floppies (a common way to share ultrasound pics was to burn a DVD or to copy it on a USB flash drive) are not available anymore on most devices. The same applies to the USB port.

Today there are several services out there which offer online ultrasound picture sharing. They are “free standing” tools that often can do just that and nothing more. It’s one more software/service which the medical facility needs to handle.

Our clients have already been able to share ultrasound pictures digitally since 2013. For FetView, it’s just a “side job” to share pics with patients. FetView is a cloud based application, for us it’s a piece of cake to share pics. AND you can share not only pics to patients, but also reports to referring physicians.

For sharing pics with patients, you do not need any contact details from the patient, no email address, no telephone number, this means there is no space for human errors by entering a wrong telephone number or email address.

If the physician shares a pic with the patient, the top bar (where usually the name of the patient and doctor is printed) is cut off. No circulation of physician names on the internet and social media.

Later this year and after the introduction of FetView PurpleStork there will be an option available to use FetView only as a picture sharing tool but with the possibility to switch to the entire FetView suite later.

Picture sharing will be also available directly from the ultrasound machine, no need to open FetView to share ultrasound pictures.

Team FetView wish you a lovely day.



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