Changes in patient record

by David Dostal

I want to inform you in advance, that on Sunday, 18th of October, we are going to make an update to the patient record. This update is part of the switch to “Purple Stork“, which is our internal project name for the new version of FetView. You need to do anything, the update is going to be automatically available and visible.

In the following screenshot you see the new timeline. There is not much difference, mainly the top part changes, where you can add a new entry and some entries got context menues for further settings and actions.

I just wanted to show you quickly what to expect, the rest, I think, is self explaining. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always looking forward to your feedback! Please leave us a message in our FetView Telegram Group or get into direct contact with Meri or Stan.

Team FetView wish you a lovely day.



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