Postediting of ultrasound pictures

by Stan Hecl in User News

Dear FetView family,

during the lockdown period we managed to finish another amazing function. The long awaited postediting and remeasuring of ultrasound pictures has finally arrived to FetView!

Is the picture too dark? Do you need additional measurements for your research? Or did you just accidentally forgot to measure fetus head circumference?

Here we go…

All you need to do is to click on the editing symbol under every picture…

… to get into the editing tool and be able to use all different possibilities to edit the original picture, such as rearrange the light conditions, rotate, move or add text.

You can also measure or remeasure every single part of the depiction, such as the circumference, length, angle, rectanglepolygon etc..

Here is a short explainer video:

We hope you really enjoy this new exciting function and looking forward to your feedback! Please leave us a message in our FetView Telegram Group or get into direct contact with Meri or Stan.

Team FetView wish you a lovely day.



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