New sign for the measuring point on growth curves

by Meri Duduci

Hello everybody!

Welcome back to our blog. You know you can find here the latest information about FetView. Here we go with a new small update for all our doctors…

We would like to announce that we will change the sign of the measuring point on the growth curve from a dot to a cross. This will happen because we got several enquiries to change it… and you know we are here to listen to you! To make your work easier and faster!

The new cross makes it more accurate to read the graph. We are also adding the percentiles to the measuring point so that you can directly see it from the chart.

For all our clients it will be available very soon in their accounts as we will publish it with the new update of FetView.

To all our doctors and future doctors you know it… with FetView THE FUTURE STARTS HERE!


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