myFetView: medical health record and much more…

by Stan Hecl

Dear colleagues, friends and customers,

as you all know, we have the myFetView patient section, which is used by many of you as an excellent client service! I prepared some impressions and most important facts about it.

With the myFetView user account you give your patient the possibility to follow her medical health record and much more:

She can watch – save – print – copy – share – mail all ultrasound images and videos & Create her first online baby album. She also gets the comprehensive overview of the course of her pregnancy & insight into examination reports and her maternity log:

After birth she can create a baby profile and upload her own photos.

In the following video I summarized all myFetView patient account benefits:


Feel free to use all the information to improve your client service and optimize the practice workflow for you and your assistants.


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