Update: FMF 1st Trimester Screening: Kryptor and Twin Pregnancy

by David Dostal in User News

Ahoj from Prague!

I am back from my vacation and I have very good news for you! FMF UK provided us the algorithm for the Kryptor and twin pregnancy. It’s already online!

From now on you are able to use the Kryptor (Thermo Fisher, Brahms) for generating MoMs. We have been waiting for this for a long time, finally it’s here.

Further, they provided us also with the twin pregnancy risk assessment, which is also already available.

And you get all this certainly with the most recent FMF algorithm, which is recommended to use by the FMF UK. With FetView you can be sure that you always use the most recent algorithm.

We hope that we could make your everyday life a little easier and looking forward to your feedback!


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