Telegram and WhatsApp group

by David Dostal in General

Hello there,

recently we’ve created chat groups on Telegram and WhatsApp, which are moderated by Meri, Stan and me.

Our target with these groups is to bring our clients together and create a community of people with same interests. Topics are related to FetView and OB/GYN. We will post adhoc news, news about our company and everything else what comes into our mind and could be of interest. Please feel free to post and ask anything what comes to your mind.

If you are interested in joining a group, then we would like to encourage you to join the Telegram group. Telegram is a secure and fast messenger and a really good choice for chatting, voice calls and managing a community with many functions, e.g. polls about new functions for FetView. Additionally, when joining the Telegram group a new member can see the past discussions and can search in it, which could be valuable in finding useful information.

We would be happy to see you in any of the two groups and have fruitful discussions! Share your thoughts and ask questions!

See you 😉


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