New: New report header layout

by Stan Hecl

Dear colleagues,

the customer feedback has become one of the most important part for the further development of FetView. As a modern, progressive and innovative company, we are happy to implement your wishes!

One change you requested was the adaption of the examination report to a more standard layout. So we decided to go with the german standard letter format DIN 5008. This is available from next Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.

The logo of your medical facility is now on the right side above the address.

As before, the letterhead will be created with your address by default. However, if you would like to insert an alternative text in the letterhead, you can change this in the report settings.

In the settings of your FetView profile, click on “Reports” …


… and write the text in the field “Custom header text”


Note: This change applies to all generated reports from Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.

We hope that we could make your everyday life a little easier and looking forward to your feedback!

Your Team FetView


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