Accessibility of the data

by Meri Duduci in Did you know?

Here we are with a brand new post. Today we will remind you about a feature that has characterized FetView since day 1. Our doctors simply love it!

Do you know what we are talking about?
Accessibility of the data? Yeap that’s right!


What happens if you are miles away from your office, or just simply at home and you need to check an examination? Hmmm… your answer might be to go back to the office.

FetView is different and have THE SOLUTION for you. With FetView you can have access to all your data wherever you are. WORLDWIDE in any city or any location that you might be. FROM ANY DEVICE like your mobile, tablet, laptop or pc. You just need to log in into your FetView account. As simple as that!

This is what we do, we work for you to make your work easier and more enjoyable!

Psssst … still not part of the FetView family? Feel free to contact us and request your free 30-day trial now. It takes just 30 seconds. 🙂


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