New: Various examination reports

by David Dostal

From now on it’s possible to generate various examination reports with FetView.

There is a new field “Reports” added in the upper area of every study. From now on it’s possible to generate examination reports in various digital formats: PDF, CSV, XML, JSON.

CSV, XML and JSON are intended for the technical connection with other systems. That´s why we are going to focus on the PDF reports at this point. You can generate 2 various reports. One for the physician, one for the patient.

There is only one small difference between both generated documents at the moment, which is the address field added at the beginning of the first site in the report for the patient. You can find the name and the address of the patient in there. This report is to be used in those cases, when the physician decides to send it to the patient by post.

The report generation process remains the same: If you click on the “Save & Report” button, the report for the physician will be automatically generated. All already generated reports are listed in the new field “Reports”.


With every report you can decide, if it will be shared with the physician or with the patient.


If you want to generate another examination report, just choose the right one in the drop down menu and click on “Generate report”

In case you changed some details within the examination and you want to update the current examination report, you can easily do it with just one click on the “Refresh” button.

To be able to use the various reports, they need to be set up. Please navigate to Settings (on the Homepage) => Practice => Report settings


We bet you will love this new function and are happy to read your feedback!


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