FetView in the TOP10 at StartupBootcamp Berlin DigitalHealth

by David Dostal

End of August I applied for StartupBootcamp Berlin DigitalHealth. StartupBootcamp is a family of 15 industry-focused programs that support startups with direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, investors to help them scale globally.

FetView was selected into the TOP10 from a total of 516 projects, from 60 countries by a 100-strong jury of mentors and investors. I am very proud that FetView has such an appeal!


The way into the TOP10…

The deadline for the submission of the application was August 31st. Already two days later I received a message that we have made it into the TOP50!

All of the TOP50 projects had a 20 minute Skype interview with the Managing Director of StartupBootcamp Berlin DigitalHealth. In the interview critical questions were asked: What is our business model? Why do we make things like we do them? Where do we see us in 5 years? What is the vision with FetView? Questions about questions … 🙂

One day later I got the message that we have made it into the TOP20! Excellent! And the TOP20 means: Selection Days in Berlin! At the end of September I went to Berlin for 3 days and presented FetView to a jury of about 100 mentors and investors.

The procedure was as follows…

On the first day (Wednesday, October 26th), various workshops were held to prepare us for the next two days: How to present the project correctly, what is essential and should not be missed during the presentation? etc… As we have already gained an investor, the workshops have been a helpful refresher of various techniques.

Each project of the TOP20 was very different: From projects, which until then have only existed on paper, to companies that already have customers and generate revenues.

The 2nd and 3rd day were determined by pitch sessions. Both days had the same procedure: In the morning every team had 3 minutes to present their project on the stage. After that, “Speedpitching” started: 20 tables were stocked with up to 5 investors / mentors. Each team had 20 minutes per table to pitch its project. After 20 minutes, you moved on to the next table. 10 tables on Thursday, and 10 tables on Friday.

During the “speed pitching” mentors and investors asked many questions from different angles. Every industry was represented: insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, publishers, venture capital investors, business angels, healthcare companies, banks and many more.

Friday evening, after all pitching sessions were completed, the jury assembled and selected the 10 best out of the 20 participating projects. And FetView was there !! 🙂

A great success for the whole team!


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