The new Help Center

by David Dostal in User News

We are very keen to provide you with the best possible service and support while using FetView. That is why I am very pleased to present to you our new Help Center today.

While using FetView, you have probably already noticed our support button in the lower right corner. If you click on the support button, the support window opens where you can write your inquiry.

In the upper part of the support window you can see now a link to our new help center.


The link takes you directly to our Help Center, where you can quickly find all of our contact details including phone number, email address and skype id. However, the main section of this page consists of video tutorials on a wide range of functionalities of FetView.

We are continuously expanding the help center with further video tutorials for our new features.

How to create study templates or how to generate a growth curve are just two examples of the existing videos.

If you are missing video tutorials, we love to hear or read your suggestions!


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