New member of our team, Renata Stöckerova

by Vladěna Ptáčková

For a long time we haven’t been posting a story from our office, but surprisingly, we may bring very good news for you. Especially this time, because it shows that we expanded again.

For us that means a lot. Particularly because of the fact that our new account manager for german and czech speaking clients, Renata Stöckerova, seems to be a genuine support of our team.


What makes all of us really happy?

Her responsibility, her contagious smile is keeping us in a good mood all the time, her perfect czech and german language skills and her knowledge of the branch. And of course we can’t forget the fabulous and fragrant cakes which she brings directly from her oven to the office…

Cooking and baking are not the only one hobbies which Renata has. Another passion is working in her garden, but unfortunately she has not much time for it, because of her next well-known attribute – to be quite a workaholic. She has been working since she could do the first baby steps.

What does it mean? It means that she manages two other family projects and – of course – she cares about her family members including a dog. She also likes to combine her naturally cheerful character with active temperament and organizes garden parties for her friends and co-workers. It is a perfect opportunity for her to use her cooking skills with pleasure.

And what’s her opinion about FetView after a few months with us?

„I hope that the principles of FetView can be expanded to a different branch and that one day I will be able to use this service for my own. I love what FetView offers, this would keep me fully in the picture. It connects me with my physician, so I will be able to ask him very quickly for a recipe or get to know the terms of the next visit in his medical facility,“ she said self-confidently.

As you can see we already cannot imagine our work without her!

Mmm, what’s smelling that good? Excuse us for a moment. Renata has just brought her magnificent brownies and cookies!

If we are not back for a long time, you know why.


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