New: Scheduling of Appointments

by Meri Duduci in User News

Hello to all our physicians and readers. As a team we are all the time thinking on how to make you the best equipped physicians around. We all know that being up to date is one of the most important element for all kind of professions. Being up to date means following the changes that the zeitgeist brings. And if you want to be successful, this means being part of the change.

This is what we will write about today, about one of these changes. A process that is very often not payed attention to, but until the end of this post, we hope you change your mind. Today we tell you something about our new function: Scheduling of appointments.

The scheduling of an appointment is the first contact with the patient. We bet you all know how important the first approach with anyone is, especially with a potential client.

Things are changing everyday and FetView is an example of it. A service like FetView could not be imagined a decade ago. Patients are changing their way of thinking too. Today patients choose physicians based on the service and price, not just based on the quality of care.

A survey of Accenture clearly shows the loss of time in setting an appointment with the physician. Long wait! This is the key factor when setting an appointment. But long waiting times mean also long calling times, really time consuming for you and the patient. More than 30 percent of the calling time is lost by waiting for an agent to answer or by transferring calls.


Many of you have understood this and some are trying to work with call centers to avoid the volume of calls in the medical facility. But unfortunately this is still not what patients require.

After analysing this situation and receiving inquiries from our clients we decided to implement the calendar.

No more waste of time. The patient asks for the appointment directly from your website, where the calendar with free spots is integrated. You get an message about this appointment. After your confirmation the patient gets an notification of the confirmation of her appointment. This process drastically reduces the error rate in the process of scheduling an appointment. One day before the appointment your patient gets a reminder about the appointment.

As you know, with FetView you can share information with your patients, but only the data which you want to share with them. Your patients appreciate the involving in their own health. This is why patients are leaving physicians who do not offer modern services. Everything is moving forward.

Patient satisfaction begins with an easy scheduling of the appointment. Act now! The opportunity is great!


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