The “In” Physician

by Meri Duduci

Change is difficult but once it is achieved everything is easier.

Have you noticed that there is not even one day passed, that our lives are not connected with the internet? Everything around us is more and more digital.

Medicine has gone digital too. According to a survey of “Accenture Doctors Survey” which took place in 8 countries between 3700 doctors revealed that doctors are opting for digital and quitting the classic way. Physicians are becoming paperless.


FetView and all of our physicians are a fully example of this. Physicians are opting for data on the computer than having them on papers. For any sceptic asking why, here are the reasons:

  • Very low chance of medical errors
  • Using quality data for research
  • Improves the work of the clinic
  • Improves the treatment decisions

Just to mention some interesting data from the survey:

Eight out of ten physicians agree that they promote electronic health record because it makes their work easier.
74 % of physicians agree that electronic health records are important to effective patient care.

In less words electronic health care is needed from the physicians and for the patients. FetView as a cloud solution gives the opportunity to have all information online. It makes your work easier. It makes your work nicer without papers around. All stored correctly in one place. Everything easier to find. Not only this! With FetView you can store and share information online, with you colleagues and most important with your patients. Set appointments and communicate in the same time with them.

It is impressing to know that the whole medicine is going digital and being part of this digital world makes us proud for the work that we are doing. The “In” Physician is the digital one now.

Leading you in the innovative path, FetView.


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