New: Messaging

by Meri Duduci in User News

I hope you`ve been enjoying the same beautiful, sunny weather we have!

It’s now becoming a ritual of bringing new features every week from FetView. Our team is working hard for every feature to be the best it can be.

I am sure you are aware the situation when a patient calls your medical facility to ask a question about her medication or the progress of her pregnancy. Even if it’s a short and quick question, it’s time-consuming to take the call, talk to her or perhaps to call her back several times back until you finally reach her.

Here is your solution: Messaging!


Have you ever thought of a service for OB/GYN where you can document your examinations and which also gives you the possibility to communicate easily with your patients? Well, here it comes! We have made it possible to have this feature.

Now your patients can contact you with our built-in new messaging service which is available for you from now on. With her own personal account, the patient can write you a text message, which you can quickly answer when YOU have the time for it. It’s really super easy to use and it saves a lot of time for you and your patients and keeps everything in one place, it’s documented! No more phone numbers or email addresses, just one click and contact them directly.

Messaging gives you the possibility to be even more innovative and closer to your patients, acquiring the best feedback from them.

Can it possibly be any easier or better than this? Of course not!


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