NEW: The Calendar

by Meri Duduci in User News

Is there any better way to start the day than with good news? This is what we work for at FetView. Making your work easier is our goal!

After a lot of work we can finally present to you the new update of our solution, the Calendar. No more agendas, papers or other browsers, no more confusion. You can insert the appointments with all the details according to it, e.g. the kind of visit, the room where the visit will take place and notes to share with the patients or you can even insert private notes for you, a very simple and flexible feature where you can with just one click change the time of the meeting and the room and everything will be transferred to the account of the patient.

Can it be better than this?


Actually it can! We have made it possible, even for the patients, to check their appointments and receive email notifications about the time of appointment. Your patients can check the office hours of you and note you make about the visit. This will help you and your patients to be more organized and to be closer to each other. As you can notice in this new update we are trying to make everything easier not just for you but also for your patients. It’s easy to use and is a perfect organization, this is what we bring to you today.

So we did our part, we gave you the good news and soon other updates are coming.

Don`t forget we are always working for you!


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