Zeitgeist Health SE gains investor for planned expansion into more countries

by David Dostal in Press Releases

  • In October 2013, Zeitgeist Health SE introduced FetView (www.fetview.com), a unique product used for improving gynecological diagnostics, to the German market.
  • To date, Zeitgeist Health SE has recorded 140,000 results in an anonymized format from various ethnic groups.
  • J&T Ventures now holds a 30% share in the company.
  • Zeitgeist Health SE plans to enter the US market in 2016.

At the beginning of March this year, Zeitgeist Health SE agreed a strategic partnership with J&T Ventures, the capital fund of a leading European investment group. Upon entry, J&T Ventures capital fund acquired a 30% share in the company.

Zeitgeist Health SE, a young, dynamic company, began development of the unique FetView product in 2010 and introduced it to the German market in October 2013. It is an web application for female and fetal healthcare for documentation of ultrasound examinations, which is then available both to doctors as well as to mothers-to-be.

Global interest in FetView is demonstrated by its current customer groups in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Chile, France and Spain. Currently, the possibility of full digital image processing is being explored. If successful, the FetView application would allow for example for the complete measurement of fetuses and the screening for potential natal defects. Martin Kesner from J&T Ventures confirms the global potential of FetView: “With our investment in Zeitgeist Health SE we gained not only an international experienced team but also a technologically advanced product that accelerates the work of physicians and can significantly contribute to the development of science and medical research.”

Overall, 14,000 checkups on 5,500 women have been documented since FetView was introduced. These checkups have generated 125,000 images and 140,000 measurements, which are now available to Zeitgeist Health SE in an anonymized format.

Big Data, which is continuously growing, could in the future allow for the standardization of fetal growth curves specific to various ethnic groups. It provides an important tool not only for gynecologists but also for pediatricians, who can use it to assess a child’s development. Compared to the fetal measurements of 361 pregnant women which Prof. Hadlock used in 1984 to form standardized fetal growth curves.

The most penetrated market to date for the technologically unique FetView application is Germany. With the help of the obtained investment, Zeitgeist Health SE wants to build a strong team for the next planned expansion into other countries. According to David Dostal, the company founder and Chairman of the Board, this means not only the strengthening of its current locations but also of the provision of quality sales and customer service. Furthermore, it will help the expansion of our growing research and development operations. “We are planning to enter very soon the US market, which is, unlike Europe, more open to new technologies,” adds Dostal.


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