Team introduction – Sarah Müllerschön

by Dagmar Volfova in The Team

You have already had a chance to learn more about the FetView CEO, CTO and Marketing Manager. However, no team in such industry would be complete without a person who helps to express various ideas and message by visual means. This role belongs to Sarah Müllerschön, the FetView graphic designer.


She was born in Nürtingen,Germany, and grew up in Großbettlingen. When Sarah reached the age to choose her career path, she wanted to find the one where she could express her creativity and implement own ideas into different types of media. Studies in digital media design was the right option for her.

Sarah has been involved in other projects, but in the case of FetView, she closely cooperates with the marketing team to use her creativity and skills to develop eye-pleasing marketing materials including content for our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles – have a look at the beautiful pregnancy infographics and dad-to-be life facts coming from her hands.

When she has a free time or needs to take a break from the digital world, you will find enjoying nature from a saddle of a horse she rides.

Her future plans include continuing to work with such a great team on other interesting projects.




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