Team Introduction – Dagmar Volfova

by David Dostal in The Team

One more week has passed so it is time to introduce you another FetView team member. Meet Dagmar Volfova – the Sales and Marketing Manager – responsible mainly for the market in the United Kingdom.


Dagmar was born in Rakovnik in the Czech republic and grew up in a small town near Prague called Nove Straseci. She had started her studies in Business Administration at the Anglo-American University in Prague. However, she decided to see the world and therefore moved to Chicago to finish her Bachelor’s Degree at DePaul University. Later on, she moved back to Prague for a couple of months and completed her European Bachelor at the Anglo-American University.

Dagmar started to work for FetView one year ago and has been enjoying it ever since. Her main motivation to work for the company is the fact that the FetView team is able to apply the latest technologies to the health care sector and develops high-quality solutions both for the patients and the doctors.

The part of her job she enjoys the most is interacting with doctors and convincing them that technology can be easy to use and can help them in numerous ways. This is a difficult task because the clients sometimes have exactly the opposite opinion. Dagmar, however, is up for the challenge and is always pleased to see that, at the end, the clients are more than satisfied with the solution.

In the future, she hopes to help FetView unleash its full potential and spread all over the world, which would simplify the collaboration between specialists and break down all long-distance barriers.

Whenever she finds some free time, Dagmar enjoys swimming and playing the flute. You can often find her at art exhibitions or in a theatre.


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