Team Introduction – Martin Höger

by Dagmar Volfova in The Team

Do you have amazing ideas about new features which could be incorporated into FetView? Do you think that there is something that needs to be improved? Then you can be sure that Martin Höger – the Chief Technology Officer and programmer at FetView – is the person who will transform your ideas into reality!


Martin was born and grew up in Moravka situated in the northeast part of the Czech Republic, and earned his degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Martin is one of the people who have been working on the FetView development from the very beginning. With support of the FetView CEO David as well as Martin’s wife, he has built the program from scratch and, at the moment, he is glad to see that the project is successful.

For him, the most satisfying part of his work is developing additional functions which the FetView clients have requested. To see them using the new functions gives Martin the gratifying feeling that he has created something that makes client’s work easier and better. In the future, Martin is planning to use all of his skills and ideas to make FetView even better application than it is now.

Whenever he is not busy programming, Martin enjoys spending time with his family, photography, music, and (not surprisingly) Linux and web technologies.


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