Team Introduction – David Dostal

by Dagmar Volfova in The Team

Have you ever wondered how was FetView created? Who came up with the idea and who are the moving forces behind it now? To give you the answers, I would like to introduce you our team members one at a time.

As you can probably guess, I would like to start with the person who has been with FetView since its inception and who makes sure that the project is running like clockwork – the CEO David Dostal.


David was born and grew up in Nuremberg, Germany. Later he moved to Stuttgart where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Informatics. He has always been passionate about technology, innovation and enterpreneurship and started his first internet project in 1996. Besides working on his own projects, he also supported other entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams via an investment company he founded.

David grew up in a family of a specialist in women’s health. Therefore, it is no surprise that when his passion for technology met with this family influence, it gave a birth to FetView – a project that achieved to satisfy David’s desire to create a modern state-of-the-art software as a service for physicians and their patients as well as his goal to solve problems with patient data security.

He has been working on FetView for quite some time. The software development started in 2011 and it took 3 years of thourought work and testing before it was introduced to the German market in 2013. In addition, the project was launched in the UK and the Czech Republic. At the moment, David enjoys the most to solve any issues which might arise and the fact that with this solution he and his team is pushing things forward in the digital health sector. And the future? David envisions FetView Ltd. as the leading tech company in its branch providing the best customer service possible.

Whenever he is not busy managing and developing FetView, David enjoys spending time with his dog as well as golf, boxing, and racing.

Do you have any questions for David? Comment here or feel free to connect with him at LinkedIn or Twitter.


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