NEW: Move studies or merge patients

by Dagmar Volfova in User News

Have you accidentally duplicated a profile of one patient by using a wrong ID? Or have you created a study in a wrong patient’s profile because you forgot to switch from the previous patient? No worries! All these situations now have a quick and easy solution.

FetView offers two new functions: one allowing you to merge any patients into one profile and another one giving you an option to move selected study from one patient’s profile to a different one.



Let’s say that you have a patient Dagmar Adler who has been visiting your practice for two years. You already have many past studies in her account. However, during the last examination you did not use the worklist function to help you to have all the patient details ready in the ultrasound device. You created a new patient directly in the ultrasound and mistyped Dagmar’s ID. As a result, FetView created a new patient because it was unable to match the examination to old Dagmar’s profile which has a different ID. No problem:

1. Find the ID of Dagmar’s original profile which you want to keep (you will merge the new patient created by accident with this profile).


2. Find “Merge Patient” at the bottom of patient’s details (the patient created by accident) and type in the ID of Dagmar’s original profile.


3. Click “Save” – the new profile will be deleted and all the examinations will be moved to the original profile.

Note: Compared to the function “Move study”, this option saves you other steps of deleting the new patient’s account if you do not wish to keep it. It is also useful if there are more studies in the new profile so that you do not have move each of them separately.



This time, while you were examining another patient, Damina, you forgot that you kept Dagmar’s profile open instead. You created Damina’s examination in Dagmar’s profile. To move the examination to Damina’s profile:

1. Find the ID of Damina’s profile (where you want to move the new misplaced study).


2. Open the new misplaced study, click “Move this examination to another patient” and type in the ID of Damina’s profile.


3. Click “Save” and the study will be moved from Dagmar to Damina’s profile.

Note: This function is useful when you want to keep both profiles.




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