NEW: Sharing of reports with colleagues internationally

by Dagmar Volfova in User News

This week is full of improvements and new features in FetView – today’s one is international sharing. Several specialists using FetView cooperate with other specialists in different countries; therefore, they requested to have a possibility to share tehir findings internationally. And here it is!

Before it was possible to share examination reports only with colleagues within the country where you are based. However, starting today you can cooperate with specialists from all over the world! Forget about unsecure communication via an e-mail or long exchange via post. Share your findings with your colleagues anywhere in the world by one click or receive their findings instantly.

This feature can be used in two situations:

1. when other specialist sends his or her patient to your practice because of a specialised examination you are performing. You perform the examination and then share the final report with the specialist who sent the patient so that he or she has the findings available as soon as possible.

2. when you found something you are not sure about during the examination and would like to consult it with a certain specialist.

In both cases you have to be using FetView but the other specialist not – he or she will receive an e-mail with a special link where it is possible to create a basic FetView account (after verification) for viewing shared reports.

Also, if you do not wish to use this feature for sharing, you can use it just for documenting where the patients come from.

The first step is to add the specialists you want to cooperate with. Go to the “Settings” part of FetView homepage and click “Colleagues“.


Start searching for the specialist. If not found, fill out the form to add the colleague. If you plan to share the report online, don’t forget to type his or her e-mail address. The colleague you add will be available in FetView database for other specialist; however, they will not be able to see any contact details (phone number, e-mail address) you filled out.


When the colleague is added, open the patient study from which you created the PDF report you would like to share. A new field, “Patient sent by“, will appear in the study form. Select the desired colleague from the list which will appear after clicking the field next to “Doctor” and enable sharing by clicking the switch under the doctor’s name.


When switched on, the selected colleague will receive an e-mail. But as mentioned, you can only select the colleague to document the origin of the patient for your record without sharing the report (the switch will remain grey as in the image above).

Let us know when you try this feature in practice! How much of time and cost savings does it bring to you?



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