NEW study types: Gynaecology and mammosonography

by Dagmar Volfova in User News

FetView has just become smarter and easier to use again while helping a bigger group of specialists with their examination reporting!

Starting today, FetView can serve more specialists than before. In addition to obstetrics, we now added gynaecology and mammography sections. In practice it means that there are more fields in the study form covering these three specialisations. The fact that only what you as a specialist fill out in the examination form will appear on the final PDF report is still valid.

To make it easier to navigate between these different sections – instead of having a long study form requiring scrolling down to find the section you are looking for – they appear as separate tabs on the top.


Are you doing only obstetrics examination? Do not worry about the other tabs. Do you want perform gynaecology examination and at the same time mammosonography? Switch between the tabs and fill out both forms. The checkboxes in the tabs are letting you know if you have filled anything in the individual section or not. Make sure you click “Save” before switching the tabs!


All tabs (sections) are interconnected and will create one report at the end. Therefore, several parts under each tab are the same for all three of them and you can choose under which tab you fill them out or select them (the common sections have a white background):

  • “Examination” – filled out automatically by FetView (but can be adjusted manually)
  • “Patient” – filled out automatically by FetView from patient’s details
  • “Report text”
  • “Charts” and “Images” at the bottom of each section
  • Sharing settings – “Report visible for the patient” and “Report visible for doctors with whom you share the patient”

In order to enable or disable tabs so that they are visible to you in the report form, go to the “Settings” part of the homepage, select “Study” and enable the type of examination you want or disable the ones you do not perform. Also, you can customize the fields in the study form by clicking “Edit“.


In the case of obstetrics, the setting is divided into two sections as before: Obstetrics – Fetus (settings of the part of report with fetus measurements) and Obstetrics (settings of the rest of the obstetrics report except the part with the measurements).

Look forward to more sections in future! Which ones would you like to see in FetView?


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