Presentation Function

by Dagmar Volfova in Did you know?

Did you know that you can present the examination findings to your patient in a nice and engaging way using “Presentation” function?

When the examination with an ultrasound device is over, you probably want to summarise the findings to your patient (and the patient wants you to do so too!;-). In addition to creating a report from the examination, which can be printed or shared with the patient online, you can choose the most important images and growth curves and present them to the patient directly in your consulting room in an impressive way!

How to do that?

At the bottom of an examination documentation form, you always find all the images you transferred from the ultrasound device and the growth curves you generated. Hover over the ones you would like to present and select “Presentation“.


Save the changes and go back to the top of the examination documentation form. Here simply click “Presentation” next to the button “Examination” and a new browser tab / window will appear. Tap any key on your computer to start the presentation.


You can choose from two different styles of presentation: “Space” and “Basic“. To change the styles, go to “Look and Feel” in the “Settings” part of the homepage or switch between the styles by clicking the buttons in the lower right corner when the presentation is open.

1. Space


2. Basic



We hope it will serve you and your patients well!


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