Examination Reports Translation

by Dagmar Volfova in Did you know?

Did you know that FetView offers you a possibility to create ultrasound examination reports in different languages?

To be able to create a translated report, you have to first add the desired language in the Settings part of your homepage under “Translation“.

After opening the “Translation” section, you will see your active language / languages and you also have a possibility to add a new language by selecting it from the list under “Add new language” and clicking “Add“.


The added language will appear in the list of active languages and you are now able to translate all elements from your examination form by clicking “Translate“.


The list of all elements from your examination form is ready for you to translate. When finished, simply click “Save“.


Now everything is set up. When you are creating a documentation of examination next time, you will see a new field “Translate” with “Create translation“. Here you select the desired language (which you translated and added before) and a translated report will be generated.


You are always able to switch between the original study and the translation directly inside the examination form or in the list of patient’s studies.




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