The week of digital health & health care events

by Dagmar Volfova in Events

One of the advantages of being in London is a big number of events related to any industry happening all the time. Naturally, we are mainly interested in the ones about digital health, innovations and health care in general. Last week, two of such events took place. So is it worth it to attend?

Definitely yes! The events usually have very rich mix of attendees from clinicians, technology specialists, health care startup representatives, journalists to patients. Anyone can take part and become inspired, learn about interesting initiatives, network, and contribute to the community.

The first event, which takes place several times a year, is Health 2.0 London chapter meetup organised by Maneesh Juneja with a help of Mateusz Tylicki. They always invite engaging speakers sharing own experience and provoking interesting discussions. Last week, the topic was Digital Health: How do we avoid ‘Digital Exclusion’ in health & social care? If you would like to join us next time, have a look at this group. But hurry up! Spots get filled quickly!


The second event we attended was Digital Surgery organised by IC tomorrow, Technology Strategy Board programme stimulating innovation and economic growth in the digital sector. During this event, attendees talked to specialists in 7 different zones (such as legal, service design, routes to market…) – great help to anyone in this industry.


So next time you are in London, make sure to have a look at what is happening and join us at other events!


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