New: Worklist Update, Doctor Selection

by Dagmar Volfova in User News

We have made ​​several new updates again.

First, there are additional improvements to the Worklist function I informed you about in our previous article.

1. New button “Save & Worklist”

In the detailed view of a patient, you can find a new button “Save & Worklist“, with which the data of the patient are stored and, at the same time, the patient is placed to the Worklist.

This option saves a step leading to faster workflow.

wrk 2a

2. “Worklist” next to the patient’s name

If a patient is on the Worklist, you will see the sign “Worklist” displayed next to the name of the patient. Therefore, now you can immediately see whether the patient is on the Worklist or not.

3. Selection of a doctor

In the upper right corner of FetView, it is possible to select a doctor who is examining patients at that moment. We call this action “active doctor” in this article. The selection of the active doctor is suitable for practices in which several doctors examine the patients but it is possible to examine only one patient at a time.

For example, the receptionist chooses the doctor currently examining and all the examinations are then attributed to this doctor.

wrk 2b

This function is helpful in the case of ultrasound devices which do not transmit the name of the doctor to FetView or in case you forget to set your name on the ultrasound device before examinations.

This method is not suitable for medical practices or clinics where several doctors are doing examinations simultaneously because every doctor is logged into his / her account and thus the examination is automatically attributed to him / her.

The selection of the active doctor has the following impacts:

  • When a patient is placed on the worklist, the active doctor is used as the doctor examining the patient in the ultrasound device.
  • If a new study is created manually, the active doctor is selected.
  • When clicking “My patients“, the patients of the active doctor are displayed.
  • If measurements are made (Structured Report) and sent without the doctors’ name to FetView, the active doctor is selected.




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