Report from the 14th Fetal Medicine Conference in Prague

by Dagmar Volfova in Events

Last week, we informed you about attending the 14th National Fetal Medicine Conference (14. Celostátní Konference Fetální Medicíny) in Prague. Now, we would like to share our experience with you…

It was a one-day postgraduate educational conference which took place in the Na Homolce Hospital Congress Center on January 10th, 2014. The event was guaranteed by the Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně in cooperation with the Czech Medical Chamber.


The individual guarantor was Pavel Calda, MD PhD, Professor at the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague and Head of the Centre of Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound Unit, Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the First Faculty of Medicine and General Teaching Hospital. Besides sharing his knowledge and experience during presentations, he also found time to discuss FetView with us and we look forward to meeting him again soon.

The international guest was Prof. Karl Oliver Kagan from the German University of Tübingen, Department of Gyn. and Obstetrics, presenting about diagnostics of fetal malformations in the first trimester.

We had a chance to speak to many local specialists. It was interesting to learn about their every-day problems of patient data and examinations administration. Their solutions were ranging from creating examination reports in Word documents by scanning images and retyping all measurements to using sophisticated yet expensive and not-user- and patients-friendly softwares. We introduced and discussed FetView with them as well and would like to thank for the feedback we received. The most interesting part was answering their challenging questions. Such questions always help us either to confirm the strengths of our system or to work on improvements or new features.

Last but not least, the nice part of any conference is networking with other fellow exhibitors. This time we were lucky – very nice and helpful people.

We would like to thank everyone for stopping by once more and we look forward to other conferences we have planned for this year!

What congresses / conferences are you planning to attend? Any tips? Thank you for sharing!



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