NEW: Modality Worklist

by Dagmar Volfova in User News

Since yesterday FetView has been offering a new feature called “Modality Worklist” which is now automatically available to any specialist using FetView.

The Modality Worklist facilitates the workflow of patient data. In other words, it is a list of tasks to be executed by the specialist.

The ultrasound device now receives data from FetView. The data therefore does not have be manually typed on the ultrasound machine anymore.

FetView simply creates a working list of patients to be examined for the ultrasound. Let’s have a look at an example:

There is a button “Worklist” displayed next to the name of each patient in FetView.


Adding a patient to the Worklist can also be done in the patient detail.


If the patient is waiting for an examination, the button is clicked and the patient is added to the Worklist. The complete list of patients in the Worklist is located on the left side under “Worklist”.


The Worklist created by FetView is also in the ultrasound machine under “Worklist” or “Images”. The patient who is about to be examined is then simply selected from the list and the examination can start.

The main advantage of the Worklist is that there is no need to search for the patient in the ultrasound machine anymore. The search according to ID or name is over and the possibility of making an error and examining a wrong patient drops to minimum. It also brings major time savings.

The Worklist in FetView is erased every night at 0:30 am so that a new list can be created when the practice is open again.

If any problems, such as finding the Worklist in your ultrasound device, occur, feel free contact us.


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